Super Pan Bakery of the Virgil Village Is Being Displaced from Our Community

Elvia Perez and her family have owned Super Pan Bakery in the Virgil Village community at the intersection of Virgil and Monroe avenues for over 20 years. On any day of the week, locals could stop by the bakery on a crisp morning with less than five dollars for fresh pan dulce or sweet bread, […]

Coming Home: Working the Registers in Los Angeles

In this second year for JIMBO TIMES, things are a little different. It’s a wonderful difference, because the changes with the blog are actually aligned with the changes taking place for the blogger. As I wrote at the outset of the second year, J.T. is about honoring my mother, at the same time that it’s about recognizing the […]


With only a few days away from J.T.’s one year anniversary, it’s a pleasure to introduce the new About page for the up and coming year! I hope readers enjoy it, and I look forward to sharing more with you all soon. With heart, honor, and respect, Jimmy “Jimbo” Recinos