Meanwhile, back in The City…

It’s supposed to be a super-duper hot one today. Stay fresh and sun-screened Los Angeles, Not to mention hydrated! J.T.

Nelson Poliran: Expanding the Horizon

The year was 1988, and deep past the greenery of Quezon City in the Philippines, a young sailor and his wife prepared for the journey of their lives. Along with their four year old son, they would leave Quezon and cross the pacific ocean to start a new life in America. The journey promised them […]

When You Don’t Get the Job: How to take “No” for the Win

As my job hunt continues, a few more ideas have come into perspective about the process. Below are a few tips I think can help my fellow job hunters out there following the application process! There is no such thing as a wasted application. Even when you donโ€™t get the job, while you can look […]