Never Alone: A Bird’s Flight Through Japan

Thank you Hiroko, Sachiko, Marie, Hitomi, Takeshi, Hayasi, Mei, Keiko and the family, and the rest of the gang throughout this incredible time together.

Thank you to every attendant who helped me find my way, and thank you to The People of Japan, whose kindness made me feel welcome at each turn.

There are far more pictures to share, and I will find a way to get them to you!

For now, however, courtesy of each one of the folks above, JIMBO TIMES spans from Los Angeles to Tokyo and even more places in between and beyond.

And I hear that Japan is even more beautiful during the Winter and Spring seasons.

Is that so?!


Survivors in Japan: Hiroshima

“My mother entered the center of Hiroshima three days after the bombing. She was four months pregnant with me. I was very sickly in my childhood, suffering from many kinds of infectious diseases, which might have been because of a weak immune system.

My mother developed bladder cancer in 1992, but recovered completely. Fourteen years later, she was bedridden half a year and could not stand up or walk at all. But she is now 99 years old and healthy. We live together.

My grandfather was in the center of Hiroshima. He was buried alive underneath a house, but returned home late at night. Ten days later many purple spots appeared on his body. He became weaker and weaker, [and] had a lot of bloody diarrhea and vomited excessively…

He could not eat or speak, and died twenty-seven days later.”

Mito Kosei, In-Utero (before birth) Survivor

Hiroshima, Japan