Hey Los Angeles,

Is it just me… Or are we still dreaming? …of how we are the stars of Los Angeles. J.T.


Hello again Los Angeles! It’s late (or is it early?) as another night sky yawns above. But once again it’s my pleasure to share another update on the road towards new horizons; this time with one of my best pals, Ishmael Bracy! For People of Color everywhere today and our allies; and with more soon! J.T.

With So Much Laav

It’s Sunday. It’s raining. And it’s just a day before Halloween. It’s a super special day in L.A. And I hope you enjoy it as much as possible! J.T.

And, Between Us and the Night

I took the day to take time off of everything, and it was a smart move. In the depths of my rest and recreation, I took a look back at some archives and resolved on an additional surprise for The People: This December, I will send PRINTED COPIES of only the best photography from The L.A. […]