Introducing: A New Hat by Jimbo Times

Today it’s my great pleasure to announce a new hat by JIMBO TIMES! There will be more details soon, but if you’d like to place an advanced order, we can MAKE IT HAPPEN. J.T

Why Visit Japan, Part II

Nishiarai prefecture in Tokyo, Japan; Summer 2017 The year was 1998, and I was about seven or eight years old. I remember that it was some time just after school when my brother and I had gotten back home from Lockwood Elementary. We’d sat down in the living room for what was supposed to be […]

Workshop Flyers Now Ready for Our Back to School Party this August 25th

I’m very happy to announce that today our workshop flyers, courtesy of Samanta Helou‘s and The Think Farm‘s support, and which each attendant in our workshops will receive a printed copy of upon registration, are finally ready for the big time! NOTE: When my peers and I went to school in the area, we all […]

Workshops Now Ready for Our Back to School Party this August 25th

Including: Tenants’ Rights with the L.A. Tenants Union Literature and Literacy with Salvadoran-American Author Randy Jurado Ertll Book Publishing with Ponte las Pilas Press’s Viva Padilla How to Start your own Company Buy Back the Block on Branding & Apparel Making Oral Histories/This Side of Hoover Youth Summer Program Development Women’s Self Defense with Peace […]