4 Years of Jimbo Times: The L.A. Storyteller

JIMBO TIMES began just a little over four years ago following an epiphanous walk from my mother’s newsstand on Santa Monica boulevard the evening of August 19, 2014. It was near mid-night when the idea took hold of me, and I can still remember crawling from the apartment bedroom into the bathroom with the same […]

Save the Date Los Angeles,

It’s happening. To find out more and RSVP for our special day, you can do so HERE. J.T.

It’s August in Los Angeles,

And we’re going to work. On August 25, 2018 at El Gran Burrito in Los Angeles, California: We’re putting together another¬†first-of-its-kind event for our community, including workshops for locals, performances, an Open Mic, and a major “BACK TO SCHOOL” raffle for our students. It’s one you won’t want to miss! J.T.