Making the Rounds

It was a great time visiting the Cahuenga library with Roger King again. Per usual, the chess coach was in joyful spirits as he oversaw another gathering for some board-gamin’. For anyone interested, the chess club meets each Thursday at the Cahuenga library in East Hollywood from 4:00 – 5:30 pm. Parking is free, as is […]

Roger King: L.A. through the Decades

No matter how much I love my city, it’s often hard to trace its roots. This is because unlike most historical metropolises, L.A. is constantly remaking itself. On the one hand, this creates a frequent sense of loss for those of us who call it home, as if the environments we know in the city are only temporarily here before some reset […]

How the Job Hunt Imitates Chess

The job hunt is on. Earlier this week I officially joined the influx of recent college graduates looking for work in an effort to reach the next chapter of my legacy. After sending out my resume to at least thirty different organizations, it’s become clear that the hype about joblessness isn’t just hyperbole after all, […]