A 7th Grade Student’s Poem for Black Lives in Los Angeles

Black Potential by Te’Aunee Turner We are BLACK, We are BROWN and we are even more than what they make us seem. They make us seem weak, worthless, and they use us as scapegoats. But the fact is We are preachers, teachers, singers, fighters, and leaders. Don’t you try to put US down because they […]

Bernie Sanders

I know politics are ugly, but there’s no way I can actually avoid talking about politics. In 2016, J.T. will have to, and in fact, I guess it starts here. Bernie Sanders’s camp is said to have rallied a mass of supporters at the L.A. coliseum earlier tonight, which is great to hear in a city […]

Dear Sisters: Black Lives Matter

Your pain, and the bravery in your hearts to share what you feel, are embers of light in a world that insists on living in darkness. Your endurance through chaos, and your will to survive through its reams, are layers of strength for those who will follow in your footsteps. You’ve heard before that you have to […]

Review: My Mysterious Son

Before I move on with the rest of Quartz, I’d like to take a moment to ‘officially’ review a book for the month. A little while ago, I had the pleasure to learn about My Mysterious Son after meeting the author, Dick Russell, at a writing workshop with the Inside Out Writers. When ‘D.R.’ gave me […]