Happy Monday Los Angeles. What do you think we can do with seven days?



In Chicago and Unstoppable

The world is on our back, but with our trusty Canon 5D in hand, that world is ours to share. It becomes a weight off. A weight to lift up. A way to celebrate that heat.


Here We Go Again!

“…After apprenticing for seven months in a firm headed by William Le Baron Jenney, Sullivan left for Paris to continue his studies, and when he returned in 1875, work was hard to find because the city was in the grip of an economic depression. So for Sullivan this became a time of preparation, a chance, as he put it, “to get the lay of the land.” Every day he would walk twenty miles or more around Chicago and out into the yellow prairie that stretched beyond it. What explained this raw, robust place? What gave it its impelling drive, the “sense of big things to be done” and the will to carry them through?”  – City of the Century, Donald L. Miller