Still Resilient in Los Angeles

When you’ve known a place your whole life, a place that you take pride in, where you’ve found love in, and where you’ve found yourself in, what do you do as that place is taken from you? When the people who comprise this place are people who look like you, or who speak the same […]

In a Box, Hidden from My View, Lies a Record

People, slain, History books, vanished Pictures, stolen Mi abuelito’s pictures. Flowers, fettered Names, redacted Bullet with my name on it. Warrant for my citizenship, overdue. Every day, sirens Us, bleeding, Suffocating, silenced. Never, White. Us, “want rest,” Trump, “Law and Order.” Sun, sets, We pray. Borders, bellies Jailing, rapists. America, bloodthirsty, Me, ashamed. Mothers, baby […]

How Footage of Sandra Bland’s Death Desensitizes America

As more footage of the late Sandra Bland’s final hours of life spiral further onto the desks of talking heads and other media outlets, I think it’s important to acknowledge the ability of a film to desensitize and distort the abuse of a human being. We live in an age and culture where we’ve seen […]