In our thirty-fourth episode, we connect with Godfrey Santos Plata, a queer, Filipino-American renter from Koreatown and first-time candidate for public office who just capped off one of the best races to watch in Los Angeles this election season. Jeffrey talks with us about he and his family’s migration to the United States when he was four years old, the structure and power wielded by the California legislature in L.A. politics, what inspired him to run for office to represent his community, and the power of storytelling when inviting non-white communities to the political arena. A truly galvanizing session for listeners, especially those rooting for the workers of Los Angeles.



In our thirty-third episode, listeners meet Aditya Bhairi, a local program manager for a software company originally from Hyderabad, India, as well as the founder of Grass Roots East Hollywood (GREHO). We discuss Adi’s journey to life in the United States, beginning in Utah and culminating in none other than East Hollywood, Los Angeles, as well as the use of data such as statistics and analytics to engage with local communities. We also discuss Adi’s experience with the East Hollywood Neighborhood Council, and goals for GREHO. A very fun session for any and all L.A. aficionados, dreamers, and more. To donate to Who Is Your Neighborhood’s Hoodies for Students fund drive, find the link HERE.


An Excavation of East Hollywood: Part One

Following the completion of Who Is Your Neighborhood’s first ever tutoring program this fall, a new project for J.T. The L.A. Storyteller begins. First, a small photo series for readers.

All photos are courtesy of publicly available collections at the University of Southern California Libraries and California Historical Society, as well as at Los Angeles Public Library, with the exception of two: The first, taken at LACC by L.A. Times photographer B.I. Oliver on March 13, 1969, and the second, taken by J. Benton Adams at Vermont & Santa Monica, circa 1998.