Hello, Alo! Ni Hao

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Nothing like hanging out with your favorite friend from Taiwan through the gorgeous walk that is Koreatown.

Los Angeles, California

People Watching

/Looking away.

Larchmont Village/La Brea area; Los Angeles, California

Dear Daniel,


Greetings in Peace!

Thank you for the song; and while I like Bob Marley’s version better, I’ve got even more love for the act of sharing great music in and of itself.

Like you, I’m always morphing into one medium or another –or at least attempting to– and for this particular moment I found myself honored to be thought of in relation to the late great ‘buffalo soldier’.

At the same time, because morphing is such a kaleidoscopic process, I also found myself a bit apprehensive about accepting your thinking of me during this song as an actual compliment. This had very little to do with you personally, but more to do with the context so eloquently described by The Persuasions’s Jerry Lawson. After all, the ‘buffalo soldier’ tells of a terrible war between Native and African Americans which ultimately took more from each side than it gave to them. What’s more, the song naturally expresses only sadness at having the soldier named after an animal rather than after a fellow human being.

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