Back to School is Now Official Los Angeles,

And this is what taking space in Los Angeles for our communities looks like! J.T.

The Work Continues, Los Angeles

Everything is moving so quickly. I feel the world spinning. I see my place in it, and though a part of me just wants to celebrate every bloom now springing all throughout my environment, the rest of myself -the one in movement- is just focused on getting, getting, and getting through to it all. On Friday […]

What is Your Library? Mine is

The single mothers, their fidgeting children, the grumpy teenagers, and the young adults using the printers. It is the Senior citizens enjoying their classes downstairs, folks with special needs finding accommodations, and the infrequent visitors who used to come to the branch more often. It’s also the various other patrons of the library who breathe […]

Poem in Hand, I Would Like to Welcome You With the Following

I experienced the sneers of discrimination at my schools before I experienced the sonnets of poetry within them. But the first time I was discriminated against based on the color of my skin, the language I spoke at home, or some other characterization of me, I didn’t quite know the definition of the word: discrimination. […]