The Work Continues, Los Angeles

Everything is moving so quickly. I feel the world spinning. I see my place in it, and though a part of me just wants to celebrate every bloom now springing all throughout my environment, the rest of myself -the one in movement- is just focused on getting, getting, and getting through to it all. On Friday […]

We Are Updating Los Angeles

JIMBO TIMES is getting better. This is not hyperbole. Check out the makeover for previous posts, to be sure. In MacArthur Park is Critical to Los Angeles, what was originally just a few pictures of photo-walking through the park is now a three-hundred word personal history of the location. As such, the affinity for MacArthur […]

Next Stop: Los Angeles

I can see myself getting closer and closer to my love, but it is not quite all a road of roses. There are moments in each day that I find myself taking more distance from those who I once thought could understand this love, but now I understand that we just see it on different […]