Did you hear? Our first meeting for the first ever Los Cuentos Summer Book Club was Awesome

Our first meeting for the Los Cuentos Book Club this past Wednesday was a success, with 9 attendants, predominantly muxeres, from places like East & South Los Angeles, and even San Bernardino. Our discussion for LA SIGUANABA and The Magical Loroco was over an hour long, serving as an “online venue” for community engagement with literature made just for them.

Our club now just needs a small push or ‘jale’ to cover the cost of our books, which we’ve handed free of charge to each of our participants in an effort to be inclusive, and which we’ve purchased directly from the author in order to continue shopping from & supporting local artists in Los Angeles. As always, any donation or sharing the campaign with a friend will be of great support, and we can assure you to make it go a long, long way!

Our Book Club will hold its second meeting next Wednesday, July 22nd, and did you hear? Every supporter of our club is more than welcome to attend. To donate, you can find our fundraiser HERE.


The official flyer for the first ever Los Cuentos Summer Book Club

You are invited to the first ever Los Cuentos Summer Book Club with J.T.

It’s true. For the third summer in a row we continue bringing Los Familias and Las Letras together in Los Angeles with the official first ever Los Cuentos Summer Book Club. Those interested in participating can email me through our site’s CONTACT form, or message me on Instagram: @jimbotimes. Application window closes Monday night. Admission is FREE for Las Mamas and Los Students but donations of $30 or more are encouraged to help pay for book copies in support of the author, a local Salvadoran American in Los Angeles. Meetings will take place for at least the next four weeks starting this Wednesday, and will be published here on JIMBO TIMES for the community’s reference.