On Black History Month (For the Students of Los Angeles) 2020

There would not be any United States of America if it wasn’t for Black people.

From the moment the first ships docked to shore in Hampton, Virginia,

Up to the final seconds of that fateful morning above the hills in Los Angeles,

Black stories have constituted American history since before it was a Union, and continue to do so today.

In Los Angeles, where would we be without our Black icons?

8:24, Nipsey Hussle, Tupac Amaru Shakur, Angela Yvonne Davis, and more.

Their voices shaped this city and continue to do so, and it’s a privilege to recognize them as we Open this Mic, on this second to last day of Black History month 2020.

But we also recognize:

Black mothers,

Black fathers,

Black brothers,

Black sisters,

Black grandmothers

Black grandfathers,

Communities in Historic South Central,

In Compton and Watts.

From Long Beach,

To Inglewood, and more.

We recognize:

Black custodians,

Black bus drivers,

Black shopkeepers,

Black cooks,

Black healers,

Black teachers,

Black artists,

Black authors,

And especially

Black poets.

In the words of

Langston Hughes

Who would also come

To greet the sunshine of Los Angeles

‘I too,

Sing America.’

We too

Will sing!


Let’s get this

Open Mic going.



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