Have You Kept Up? EPISODE 5 is In

I remember the moment this past Spring that it became clear it was time to publish a Podcast for J.T. The L.A. Storyteller, when Ed and I sat down at good ole Cahuenga Library for a special workshop on the whys and how-tos. As we thought about the possibilities with throwing our own hats into the podcasting scene, we looked back on everything leading up to that point: we had POC Today behind us, along with the completion of our first-ever Back to School Party, and not one but two (2) Open Mics at Cahuenga as well. Considering the podcast ahead, then, Ed and I could trust in one thing: we had a strong track record together, making some qualitative work ahead of us only that much likelier. Now, in our fifth episode, Ed and I continue thinking BIG for Los Angeles. Please join us by tuning in HERE. And if you like what you hear, please write us a review to tell others how so!



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