Los Cuentos Is In, Los Angeles

It’s been nearly two months since the first-ever sale for the new Los Cuentos hats took place on JIMBO TIMES, and I’d like to thank Los Angeles and every reader of this blog for their continued support to keep it going. I consider each Los Cuentos hat to be an accomplishment both for myself personally, as well as for The City they’re dedicated to. They tell me that we’re only as limited as we believe ourselves to be, while everything else is up to our imagination.

What also sets Los Cuentos apart is authenticity; to sport a “Los Cuentos” hat is to sport a fresh and rich design, but also to nod at legacies of love and work to build community in Los Angeles, at the neighborhoods in L.A. as noted on the blog, and at making your own way in the big city despite all the twists and turns it throws at you.

Thank Los Angeles for Los Cuentos, and thank Los Cuentos for every new story to lift,


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