We Are Updating Los Angeles


JIMBO TIMES is getting better.

This is not hyperbole. Check out the makeover for previous posts, to be sure.

In MacArthur Park is Critical to Los Angeles, what was originally just a few shots from photo-walking through the park is now a three-hundred word personal history of the location. As such, the affinity for MacArthur which the photographs alone merely indicate is now accompanied by intimate memories of how the park contains L.A. Stories.

In From One Small Business to the Next, the writing is simply revised in the manner that most writing needs to be eventually. With the writing of JT, as with any other challenge in my life, the more time and space I have from it, the better I’m able to reflect on just how to approach the necessary improvements for the readers’ (and my own) enjoyment.

Finally, In Los Angeles Is Better for Its Graffiti, I make another overdue statement. I originally took the photographs for the post when I was not only just getting started with my Canon 5D camera and its 50 MM 1.4 lens, but at the same time that I was just getting to know Photoshop too. Therefore, the pictures are a little goofy in hindsight, but I take no loss in admitting the fact of it. On the contrary, what I find most important about the photographs is that even years after first taking them, I’m still able to recount in them the ideas I wanted to convey to viewers with them.

In the days ahead, I’m revising more and more of the site in this fashion in order to polish each dedication to L.A. and the people who make it go. I hope readers enjoy the process. I know I’m certainly doing so.

There is also more on the way,


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