I believe you, Too

To every woman or mujer known by these pages, and every woman not:

I believe you.

After so many days spent watching and listening to the stories of so many voices gone unheard through the ages, I’ve come to learn that if there’s an appropriate response from my part, that the response is made up of three simple words to begin with:

I believe you.

From there, I wish I knew more about just what should be in order, that is, in order to honor the voices further and not just momentarily. But the truth is that I’m still learning.

I know very little, and I believe that might be the point of much of what I’ve come to learn, but even the little that I know may matter more than I would like to think.

The fact is that I don’t just believe I’ve been complicit in treating many of the women in my life unfairly, but that I know I’ve also been responsible in the act of silencing women in my life as well, whether through a snide comment, a counter-point, or a dismissal.

The fact is also that it’s been incredibly easy for me to push and push again at the thought of having to come to terms with just how much these actions may have hurt the different women of my life. Somewhere along the way, I convinced myself that it all broke even because at one point I was hurt too. Now, I know that’s not enough.

Over the course of time, I’ve had time to reflect on my mistakes, and time to recognize them as unmistakable.

Now, I try my best to take each day with these feelings close to me, so that I might be a better person, and so that I might even be of support for others out there.

But I can also see that it’s not just about myself anymore; it’s about the other there.

To every mujer:

I see you.

I believe you.

And I am thankful for you.

You free us both with your voice.


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