Mom's in Los Angeles; Winter 2018
Mom’s in Los Angeles; Winter 2018

Tonight I lie back in the living room after a homemade steak, which was followed by some sweet plantains and a warm bowl of arroz con leche. It’s almost like I treated myself out to dinner, but at home.

Maybe a whole person’s life is about learning to live with themselves, but this I trust in: learning in my twenties to see the world as a place in which to grow my skills is learning to enjoy the challenges that can only grow with one’s age.

The world is aging, too, after all. And while idling by to observe it is its own kind of grace, I’m now diving head into it once again to see just how much more I can uncover.

This isn’t always graceful. In fact, the path to one’s better self is filled with forgotten truisms and hasty improvisation after one’s mistakes. And sometimes at the end of the day, the only grace to be claimed is the finality of it all no matter what the outcome.

Even then, sometimes the outcome is far from graceful, too. In a city like L.A., few things make this as clear as the sight of a car on the road whose driver is obviously in a panic, dashing from one lane to the next in a desperate effort to get ahead, until finally they cut through a slit that’s just barely tolerable as an opening, though not without nearly losing the life they want to get to and placing another’s in danger.

But the world is rushing by, isn’t it, and we need to get to it, don’t we? Isn’t that what we mean by ceasing the day? Plus, in the current environment of things, just what is patience? As in, how much is legally required?

But of course we can only rush so much before we crash into one another.

To be sure, however, when a great trial through the world is all said and done, the only parts which we’ll remember are the ones we choose to etch into memory.

Tonight I choose to remember my first homemade steak after another whirlwind of a week. It wasn’t bad at all, and yet I’m only just getting started with my dinner game.

I also choose to remember any other driver out there whose life was ever endangered in the making of these Times. We are in this together, and I’ve got much to learn from you all.


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