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It’s been a little over four months now since I dropped POC Today onto the world. Today, scanning through the ripples makes it clear that there’s far more work to do, but that at the very least there’s formed an infrastructure.

Today I also finally get to contemplate the formation of the real first team for the project that I envisioned since the beginning. It’s funny, but though it’s been three years since yours truly graduated from school following the submission of a certain final late-night paper in what was a lengthy legion of them, I can’t help but laugh at myself for how I still seem to enjoy over-complicating the simple parts; it turns out that the same peer to peer formula that I’ve found with the handful of teams I’ve been fortune to be a part of is precisely what POC Today needs to move onto its next stage.

It’s always been obvious that POCT  would need to be an official team, but reaching the point for which there’d be enough work for such a team to do in the first place has itself been a sequence of processes. Finally however the process reveals an unerasable image; the team is standing at the bay looking outwards as I am, and now it’s just a matter of walking towards them and solidifying our work together.

First they’ll be ambassadors for the project, or leaders in training. Then in time they’ll be leaders for the project in their own rights, extending POC Today into their own lifelines to achieve their own accolades with it.

In order to let the transition flourish then, I’ve just got to develop the best paths for the team to intersect on. Yet I don’t think that should be really difficult at all at this point, even after considering my tendency to believe otherwise; I believe now it’s just a matter of organizing what’s left for me to do first –just for me personally– and finally organizing what remains from there on out.

It’s a gift to reconnect with you through these words yet again.

With cheers once more,



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