Hey thanks again

Los Angeles,

That is, thank you to every old and new supporter of the new horizons at POC Today. Tonight it’s my pleasure to share — just because J.T.’s got you all — the latest from our vlog series at POCT. IN the first of our four part interview, Marco V. masterfully describes an unforgettable moment of self-discovery in his childhood. We had an amazing time speaking with Marco, but to be sure to catch the full-length picture with him, viewers are gonna have to be vigilant! My suggestion? Make life easier by visiting POC Today on YouTube and subscribing to the channel. Between us, it’s one of the best moves you can make for media you’ll enjoy.

Good night L.A!


Author: J.T.

I'm a writer, editor, and photographer with a passion for community development en Los Angeles. While my editing work covers a range of different subjects, my writing focuses primarily on social welfare in the city, including education at L.A.'s public middle and high schools, public transportation planning and efficacy, housing and small business policy, as well as voting turnout for local elections and policy. My photography is similarly city-based, focusing mostly on what makes Los Angeles home to so many working-class people from all across the U.S.A. and throughout the world. Enjoy.

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