In a Flash

It’s all been said and done.

Now a new year’s on the horizon again…and I can’t remember the last time I consulted the keyboard for the occasion. I guess I’ve been caught up in my twenties and trying to swerve with the times, but it all seems like an afterthought now, or something else in the distance.

All I see is my bank account and my pictures, and my car and my night classes. And all I see is my time with the Inside Out Writers, or the Plus Me project, or the city of L.A. as viewed through JIMBO TIMES.

And then there are the friends I have, or that I used to have, or who I’m trying to keep even as time and money come between us. And there’s mom, and my brother, and my tío.

But there’s also a new presidency on the horizon, and with it a new generation of backlash, argumentation, and filtering through what’s true. It’s a fascinating time, but it’s also frightening. Still, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. 

But then who am I kidding? At times the world and my place in it fills with me an insatiable rage. A rage that burns through my throat and into the depths of my lungs. When it finally subsides, there’s an infinite sadness to wade through.

Before I know it, however, I’m past the states of rage and sadness, and somewhere along a horizon in the wind. There, all I’ve got is air to breathe through. Inhaling and exhaling, with a routine or a certain sure path that shuts my eyes at the end of the day. A way towards peace with myself. When I’m there, there’s just enough of everything. Everything will be alright.

Tonight is one of those nights. And I can live with it. I can live with everything ahead.


Author: J.T.

I'm a writer, editor, and photographer with a passion for community development in Los Angeles. While my editing work covers a range of different subjects, my writing focuses primarily on social welfare in the city, including education at L.A.'s public middle and high schools, public transportation planning and efficacy, housing and small business policy, as well as voting turnout for local elections and policy. My photography is similarly city-based, focusing mostly on what makes Los Angeles home to so many working-class people from all across the U.S.A. and throughout the world. Enjoy.

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