It’s that time again,


That is, it’s time for the people to get their tickets for next week’s awesome fundraiser with The Plus Me Project!

“…But what is The Plus Me project, again? Where is the event? At what time?”

I know, I know, it’s a dynamic economy, where everyone has so much to do!

And I know that rather than mustering up all the time and energy it’d take to get to the event, we can opt to spend the time working on something else!

Or better yet, that we can spend the time resting! Because of course, we deserve to rest (damn it)!

But time with The People of Jimbo Times is time with the soul.


It is time with the community, and time with all of the different worlds the people in the community come from, and time with all of the fascinating things they have to say and show us about where we’re going (together)!

So get this: The Plus Me Project is Los Angeles, and its event is located in downtown Los Angeles! At  501 North Main Street, to be exact, from 5:00 – 9:00 pm, Los Angeles!

For those friends who are truly unable to make it (since they’re halfway across the world in like Japan or something), it’s alright! But for the rest of you:

The time has come. AND WE. SEE. YOU!



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