I hope this greeting finds you well!

It’s been some time since I invited the people of J.T. to dinner, but today I have the distinct pleasure of writing to invite you to another special fundraiser with The Plus Me Project this upcoming Saturday, May 21st!

In case a refresher is needed, The Plus Me Project is a team of storytellers and motivational speakers who visit classrooms to share their success stories with students.

Since June 2013, the organization has gone out to more than 75 different schools in the Los Angeles area, and just this past April, our team garnered a milestone: over 20,000 students reached since June 2013!

That’s right! After three years of work and dedication, in 2016 The Plus Me Project has impacted over 20,000 students all across Los Angeles!

And in a school district where 90% of the youth are students of color, ‘the project’ has proven to be refreshing; students see themselves in our speakers, who honor the rich and colorful backgrounds they hail from. Together, we organize our thoughts and aspirations for the future to make our success all the more palpable and here and right now.

So you can see why we want to celebrate! Our gathering will be held at the Los Angeles Plaza de Cultura Y Artes, and apart from time with the team and learning how you can get involved for the next school-year, tickets will also include an all-access pass to an open bar and dinner, a silent auction, and the whole of the museum itself!

As before, if you support the event but are unable to make it out, you can submit a donation. But who are we kidding?! You’ve GOT TO make it out. It’s going to be a grand time!!!

And rest assured: I’ll definitely reach out at least once or twice more with more details! For now, please save the date, and tell your friends!

The Plus Me Project on Saturday, May 21st at the Los Angeles Plaze de Cultura Y Artes in downtown L.A will be an event that you won’t want to miss!

Thanks for your time, and I look forward to reconnecting with you again soon!



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