It’s a privilege to write to you tonight after another adventure through The City. But as I hear you describe your affinity for the middle of nowhere, I feel you, hermana! As much as I love L.A., I know its concrete and fumes can only exhaust a mind and body for so long. And I know that eventually, we’ve all got to take a break and get out! Fortunately, it’s my honor to share with you that I’ll be taking a little break from L.A. at VONA in Miami this summer!

I received the workshop materials yesterday, and it was galvanizing to hear the leader of my workshop hollering. Now, I just have to pay the rest of my fees to make the matter officially official. Of course, the fees are no joke! In fact, they’re the hardest part of it all! I imagine you know how it is Vane. There are these student loans at the door, and all these other dues to pay, and it’s just aahh…

Still, I’m happy to know I’ve made it this far with my problems–err, writing. How did your application go?! Either way, when we finally meet up it’d be great to exchange some writing and feedback with you. I’d also love to author another piece together, and hear about your experience with 826 L.A., since I know it’s an organization involved with writing.

On my side, I’ve been blessed to find a new community of writers with the Inside Out Writers program, which is an organization that’s just humbled me with all the magnificent talent it contains. Writing circles take place on Thursday evenings, and we’re always looking for more people, so maybe you could join us one of these days?! Anything is possible, but of course, you’ve still got to hit me up first!

I’m always just a moment away whenever my people are in L.A.! Let me know when you’re up for a walk through the concrete jungle, and we’ll get some conchas and atole or something! But for real, though!

With so many thanks to be in touch with you,

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