Your success is everyone’s success. Your value is our value, and the new worlds you reach are the worlds of your brothers, sisters, and the countless others who follow.

In the day to day struggle to survive, it’s easy to forget this. The world around us makes us feel small, isolated, and individualized, but we’re bigger than what’s in front of us; every step we take is the movement of a billion worlds and more combined, and every time we shine we reflect the beauty of our communities.

Your community is proud of you, and your community is honored by you.

Your community is humbled by you, and it is also inspired by you.

And, your community is excited for you!

It’s ready to take this next step with you, and each one thereafter. We know it won’t be easy–it’s never been–but we also know that our greatest strengths are found in rising to meet the greatest challenges.

And we know that the greatest things take time to build. It’s fine–we are planners, builders, and artists like that. Like our makers before us, and their makers before them, we’re here to build new worlds because it’s in our destiny to do so.

It’s in our veins to be successful, and it’s in our nature to help others be free by freeing ourselves.

As you take your next step in light of this, I am grateful to cheer you on my brother.




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