Hi, Again!

Dear Los Angeles,

I hope this greeting finds you well! I’m writing to invite you all to a special dinner that I’m honored to be a part of this upcoming May 2nd with The PLUS ME Project. As many of you know, by working with the Project over the last couple of months, I’ve had the pleasure of going out to over a dozen different classrooms in L.A. to speak with middle and high school students there. It’s been a tremendous joy for me, as in meeting with these students, I’ve been able to share the story of my long road to college with other young people in the midst of their educational journey. At the same time, it’s served as a new community for me in this most recent chapter of my life; one which I am both honored and thrilled to be a part of.

With this in mind, it’s now my pleasure to invite you all in to this community, as we celebrate PLUS ME’s achievements over the last year with a special dinner and fundraiser! The event will take place at the Ebell club in the majestic Highland Park neighborhood, and feature a catered Italian dinner and open bar, a raffle, and a silent auction filled with awesome prizes for our guests! The event will also feature remarks from students we’ve spoken with, from other educators and supporters of The PLUS ME Project, and from yours truly!

In other words, it’s going to be a groovy Saturday night in Los Angeles. Tickets will be priced at $25 dollars and can be purchased HERE. If however you can’t make the event, you can also buy a ticket for a student, or even donate an item for the auction. Of course, I think the best move is to buy a ticket to attend. We’ll get to see each other, wine and dine, and celebrate good work as all funds from the dinner go towards supporting the PLUS ME Project’s visits to more and more schools.

In the meantime, I’ll happily answer any questions you all might have about the event or other ways in which you can support. Currently, the team and I are heading out to different businesses in L.A. asking for donations or discounts to feature on the raffle, and any help along with that is especially appreciated!

Also as we get closer to the dinner, I’ll be sharing more about just why it will make for such a special night in our community. In the next letter, I’ll describe the experience of heading out to schools and meeting with students to create a meaningful dialogue with them.

So please stay tuned! Per usual, there will be more soon.


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