JIMBO TIMES is officially seven months old tomorrow, and seven months later, I’m just as ambitious about its potential as ever! I want to build, and build, and build higher ground with JT like the skyscrapers of L.A., and I want to design, and refine, and redefine what it means for the people who have supported me through this process. And in an effort to get one step closer to the next level, over the last two weeks I’ve sent out the link to JT to two different organizations. Finally, rejection doesn’t mean any kind of failure to me, but it only entails the process of going from one door to the next until I find the right one by which to burst out onto the scene.

In hindsight though, maybe failure’s always meant that to me. At the end of the day, I don’t believe anything has ever really failed me in a full sense of the word. I think everything has worked cohesively with everything else to lead me just to where I need to be.

And over the past seven months of working on JT, I’ve exposed myself to the world of creative forces out there like never before! But I’m just getting started. The two organizations I’ve sent the website to are only the tip of the iceberg; I’m going to take JT everywhere. At the same time, I can see my photography reaching new depths, and it’s not just that I’ve got a new camera to play with, but it’s also that I’m playing with more patience, subtlety, and simply more experience at shooting something and delivering it to viewers in an interesting way; it all adds up!

Of course, getting to this point hasn’t been a breezy walk in the park. Like the thousands of photos I’ve shot for the website, only a tiny fraction of them have made it to see the page, and the same is true for moments like these; in a world with so many twists and turns for the mind, there’s only so much time to stop and say hey there to the rest of what’s going on! Still, here we are, and the few moments we get to share our hope with the world are made all the more precious by each of those moments we can only treasure for ourselves.

Tonight though, those moments are one: this one, and it’s a majestic one; it’s an absolutely marvelous feeling of hope. And from the sacred silence at my mom’s place here in L.A., on through the ends of the Milky Way: my hope is your hope, my love is your love, and our shared success is inevitable. Like the days of the new Spring ahead of us, just waiting to blossom!

With Everlasting Fire; Until We Meet Again,

Jimmy “JIMBO” Recinos

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