Dear Fans,

I just want you to know, JT has not dropped off the radar. It’s just that after so much campaigning for our fundraiser, I’ve been doing a lot of catch-up work with other assignments! Still, there’s great news for the site; just earlier today, I finally got my business cards! Now, Jimmy “JIMBO” Recinos is officially at your service.


Stay tuned! Per usual, there will be more, soon. </:D

Author: J.T.

I'm a writer, editor, and photographer with a passion for community development en Los Angeles. While my editing work covers a range of different subjects, my writing focuses primarily on social welfare in the city, including education at L.A.'s public middle and high schools, public transportation planning and efficacy, housing and small business policy, as well as voting turnout for local elections and policy. My photography is similarly city-based, focusing mostly on what makes Los Angeles home to so many working-class people from all across the U.S.A. and throughout the world. Enjoy.

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