Dear Everyone,

It was just a few months ago that I ran out of bed one morning to hug my mom in a frantic rush while she prepared our meal for the day. Something happened the night before: I got an idea, but not just any idea. This one was special.

That idea was JIMBO TIMES , a blog on life and culture in Los Angeles, and its premise was simple: I would bring into union my love for writing and photography with my love for the place I call home! I would share it with the world, and in doing so, develop a shared recognition for L.A. and the people who make it up.

Naturally, my mom could only be so excited. While she’s always supported my creative endeavors, as a single mother of two who’s worked tirelessly over the last two decades to keep the roof over our heads, she’s only had so much room for the arts in her life.

So she smiled, but I could tell the news didn’t relieve her of worrying about the next month’s rent. Times were tough: the job market was grim for me after graduating, and there were few signs it’d let up anytime soon. Our savings were dwindling, and as a result, we had to be more careful with the little things like how much milk to pour on our cereal or how much honey was just enough for a good peanut butter and honey sandwich.

Still, I trusted that I was onto something with JIMBO TIMES. I knew it’d be difficult, but that I could make it work for us, somehow, if only with some time and support.

As it’d turn out, my blog would be more than just a hobby to keep up with, but also something of a promise to fans and other supporters of my work: that if given the chance, I’ll do my best to capture and deliver a great story for people to enjoy. I’ll put in the time for it, and won’t let up until I’ve got something amazing to share.

Through this, I’ve been able to land a few freelancing jobs via JIMBO TIMES  which I couldn’t have found otherwise! What’s more, I’ll be using a bit of my earnings to help my mom out with rent this January, and of course, to buy some more milk and honey!

Now, however, I need some help to keep the blog  going, and to make it better: that is, I need a new camera!

So far I’ve benefited from the support of friends who’ve lent me their cameras for my freelancing work, but now it’s time to get my own special camera for the jobs that lie ahead.

unnamed (6)
As before, I’ve got a good feeling about this next step! I know it won’t be easy, but I trust that I can make it work. With a little bit of help, that is! I ask for anything which you can contribute, and grant you my word that no help will be forgotten as I make my way forward with JT and other projects I’m developing. After all, whatever I capture with my camera isn’t just mine to enjoy; it’s yours just as well.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, and please feel free to check out my blog for yourself or submit a question to me if you have any. To make a donation, please visit my current fundraiser at GoFundMe.

Thanks again; I wish you an amazing holiday break, a fulfilling New Year’s Eve, and an even greater 2015!

With cheers for all of us as we make our way forward,

Jimmy “JIMBO” Recinos

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