I think you’d like the weather in L.A. today. I’m writing to you amid gray clouds, light winds, and a tepid, friendly temperature of 74 degrees Fahrenheit, or 23 degrees Celsius. Though you might laugh, today’s weather is one of the closest we’ve had in Los Angeles to a seasonal Fall day since Autumn began a few weeks ago. It’s just like that in Southern California; we’ve got sunshine all-year round, and we pull out our sweaters the moment that golden rays don’t completely envelope the peripheries of our windows in the morning.

We’re funny, childish characters like that here. Like millions of Donald Ducks.

But today’s grayness isn’t just special because it’s always sunny in Los Angeles. It’s actually –well– historical. This year, California officially recorded its hottest summer ever since recording first began in 1895. So whether one was in Davis, L.A., or anywhere in between, ‘climate change’ hasn’t just bern a catch-phrase, it’s been a reality to live with, and which we’re still living with now even as we move on with the rest of the year.

Speaking of which, I didn’t think I’d leave Davis so soon after graduating either, but you know how that goes. Life is like taking the subway; no matter where we plan to go, sometimes a detour is inevitable. While at first it might be difficult to maintain one’s footing over a sudden change of course, once we accept that we can only do so much about it, it’s just poetry. Then as suddenly as plans change in the first place, we arrive at our destination; life goes on.

It being that we’re both city-dwellers, I trust we both know well how to adapt to this kind of temporality. I also trust that in reuniting with the roots of the respective cities we rose from, we’re right at the pulse of where we need to be. At least, where we need to be in the moment, before the next great adventure.

However, even if I wasn’t back in L.A. these days, I’d still think it’s great that you’re back home in Saint-Petersburg.

I know it must be challenging, but it must always be challenging. It doesn’t matter if our native tongue is Russian, Spanish, or Zapotec. We are all human beings, each of us with only so much time and energy flowing through our veins.

Still, there’s more to life than just hardship. Tell me, what’s great about being back in Russia? How does it feel to see your family again? And the city?

As I write to you from L.A., a very popular discussion topic everywhere I go now is about how much things are changing in the city. But there’s an old saying about change which rings true to many of us ‘Angelenos’ who have lived here for some time: “The more things change, the more things stay the same.”

Is this also true about Saint-Petersburg? And what about your friends? How are they doing? And the food?! Later, when the time is right, I can assure you that I’ll be visiting a few Russian restaurants in Los Angeles. You’ll have to tell me what to get!

The Last Bookstore; Downtown Los Angeles

Thanks again for your reply, and please receive my hugs from America.

With Southern California Warmth,



I think you should definitely start a blog. I think it’d be one of the coolest, most interesting things you could do for yourself right now, and you can bet I’ll keep advocating for it as our letters go on. :D

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