Pigeon at Glendale boulevard, likely thinking the same thing as yours truly: Where shall I find today’s free meal?


I’ve found my trade and no matter what line of work I pick up over the next few years, I know what I’ll be doing on the side, while I prepare my platanos fritos for breakfast, as I wait for the train underground at Vermont and Santa Monica, and during the minutes before I go to sleep: I’ll be working on my stories. In fact I’m already doing this, and have been doing so since the moment I first picked up a pencil to write about the city of L.A. at its cruelest to me when I was a frustrated teenager walking through some of the worst places the town had to offer.

Nearly ten years later, every other moment I don’t spend job hunting is a moment I spend researching the latest arrivals on the scene. Whether it’s a farmer’s market in Los Feliz, a free concert in Downtown L.A., arts and craft in Boyle Heights, food-trucks in Koreatown, weird and wacky meetups at Venice, or anything else in between or beyond; I’ll be there, either in the flesh or as a delegate.

Why? Because the stories matter to me, and I know I’m not the only to whom they matter. After all, L.A. is a city of over 9 million people, every one of which tells tales of a time and place that’s just as real and rare as anyone else’s. This is a gift to me, and to anyone who shares the vision; we can never truly be bored here; we have a lifetime of stories to live and tell.

The only problem? Well, there are a few, like where to start: Should I go to the Hammer museum in Westwood for a free documentary screening, or should I go to Little Tokyo for some new Mochi sampling? Should I hit San Pedro to take some cool pictures of the awesome Friendship bell, or should I look for some Oaxacan coffee beans on Pico?

On top of this, when I do finally decide on one thing and gather my materials to write about it, there’s the problem of my perfectionism, my time management, my being more broke than an L.A. crevice, the fact that I’m living at home and my family drives me nuts as madly as they drive my passion to love, my whirl-wind of a love life, and well, you know, a trillion other things. To tell you the truth though, I trust it’s all going to work out rather brilliantly! That is, that it’ll make for an absolutely fantastic story, much like the jazz that’s been fluttering through my ears of late.

Enough about me though, what’s your story?! A big thanks to The Daily Post for the prompt.

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