Take it from a well-fed Oaxacan-American: a visit to Expresion Oaxaqueña will lift you from Los Angeles into a Oaxacan oasis of the finest flavor.

Like any treasure in L.A., the spot is a bit hidden, but unforgettable once it’s found. On a first visit with a small party, I’d recommend trying out their chicken mole.

Chicken Mole at Expresion Oaxaqueña, in all its glory.

In case you’re wondering: yes, it IS every bit as wet and chocolaty as it looks. And yes, when mixed with tender grilled chicken it IS going to dramatically alter the way you like your chicken and sauces.

On another visit with a larger party, I’d recommend the tlayuda, which is basically a little island where the sand is made up of queso fresco and ground beans on top of which there’s sprawled a little village of avocados, sopes, chorizos, and a bunch more goodies just waiting to get wiped out by the waves of a furious appetite.

A tlayuda island, at Expresion Oaxaqueña.

Again, by the time you’re done, the tlayuda WILL make you rethink about the way you like your Mexican food. It might even make you rethink about religion in a crazy food-coma induced epiphany.

The face of a food-coma, at Expresion Oaxaqueña.
The face of a food-coma, at Expresion Oaxaqueña.

Either way, only one thing’s for sure: as any of my friends or family could tell you, these dishes are only THE BEGINNING of what Jerry Seinfeld might call a long and meaningful relationship between you and Expresion.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: it can’t get any better. But of course it gets better.

After you’re done with your meal, sure you can wash it all down with some horchata or piña colada, but doing so would only be smart if you followed these drinks up with some of the finest coffee available in Los Angeles.

Let me put it this way. In all my years of devotedly treasuring hot chocolate, cappuccinos, white chocolate mochas, and other sweet and dark flavors, I often wondered how it was that I didn’t quite take to coffee like other folks, quietly suspecting that most of the coffee generally found in cafes was actually rather bitter and stale despite my friends’ appreciation for it. At Expresion Oaxaqueña, this suspicion was confirmed right all along; I couldn’t treasure what we generally call coffee in SoCal because I simply hadn’t had the cinnamon-rich sweetness of OAXACAN COFFEE yet!

To put it lightly, ever since I rejoiced in this splendor, my standards for coffee have significantly changed: if it’s not Oaxacan coffee or at least within range somehow, then it’s probably not really worth it, to be honest with ya’. Think I’m just exaggerating?! I can assure you that if you’ve got a sweet tooth like I do, then sippin’ on Oaxacan coffee will drive your taste buds CRAZY! After all, do you think anyone who wasn’t CRAZY would ramble on as long as I am for a single drink?! Of course not. But I’m not crazy anyhow! I’m just in love with the coffee here! Seriously though, can someone get me a refill already?!

If you’re in the Koreatown area any time soon, don’t miss out! Rest assured, I won’t.

To find out more, visit the restaurant’s webpage. And no, they’re not paying me to write this; I just really freaking love what they’re doing:

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